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The Colleen Bawn

Posted in Jim Connolly, Killimer

'The Colleen Bawn' by Jim Connolly


Artist: Jim Connolly
Title of Work: 'The Colleen Bawn'
Material: Bronze
Scale: 6' tall x 12' x 12'
Completion Date:
Location: Killimer.

Associated Project: Group
Public Art Project: No
Commission: Business Community, Clare County Council, Bord Fáilte & residents.
Consultant: Clare Arts Office
Current Condition: Good

Brief Description

On 6th September 1819 the body of fifteen year old Ellen Hanley was washed ashore at Moneypoint. Murdered and her body thrown into the Shannon by her husband who was later hanged after being defended by Daniel O'Connell. Her body is buried in the nearby Burren Cemetery.